Tuesday, 22 April 2008

char's engagement party

I still remember how excited I'd been when I heard that Char and her boy had gotten engaged. The first thing I did was get on the phone and had to absolutely here out the entire story (which explains why at the engagement party I won all those Easter eggs...hehe) This story was then repeated in front of almost 80 guests at their engagement party and really, I'm touched each time I hear it. If you haven't meant them already, these two are so incredibly sweet and easy to get along with - you'll just love them!

Might I say, this girl has been so incredibly organised that I know the wedding later this year is going to be superb (can't wait!!). Anyway, it was probably a whole month before the engagement party that an invite was sent around to a few of us to help with the food on the day. Yay! I was asked to bake!!

Baking in the early hours of the morning - from left to right: Mini Almond Friands, Green Tea & White Chocolate Muffins + Knackerli. Quite pleased with how everything turned out and even more pleased that the plates were cleared as soon as they hit the tables at the party.
Evidence of how organised Char is.
Across the bar bench was some trivia on the engaged couple - hehe...save maybe one which I still took a stab at and got almost right, I got most of the others correct.
Quoting Kaho: 'Does my head look big in this?' Me: 'Yes it does!'
The boys...no comment.
Proudly showing off my prize easter egg.
Not quite sure what was happening here - I believe Claudia took an interest to something that was in/on Kaho's pants.
Not sure also whether the boys got up from these seats in the course of the afternoon. They claimed that they would lose their seats if they got up. With 80 people there that day, it was a tight squeeze in that pool/food room.
Amz, Char, Myself & Leo (who I haven't seen in a long long time)
Had a most enjoyable afternoon; there were lots and lots of yummy food, caught up with so many people (some who I possibly haven't seen/talked to since high school) and most of all, it was great to see Char and Albert. Wishing you two all the best!


char said...

Thanks Jenny for baking, coming along, and enjoying it :) And thanks for posting something too - this was actually one thing I couldn't really post about, coming from a host's perspective !

Albert said...

hehe glad you enjoyed it :)

actually it's good that Char's organised, cause i'm not...so balances out :p by the look of things though Justin is wayyyy more organised than both of us...not bad for a guy hehe

panda said...

char - i was wondering when you were going to do a post of your own engagement party...but then figured you were probably running around that day doing everything and would've been exhausted. anyway, really enjoyed the afternoon and thanks for inviting!!

albert - i reckon the both of you are really organised! hehehe, although it's great that you acknowledge that Char is better than you at some things...Justin is a different case altogether...although yes he is way more organised than me : )