Sunday, 27 April 2008

sugar magic: lesson 8

8 weeks of class went by like a breeze and well, finally something to show and tell : ) I can't say that I'm the most coordinated person when it comes to sugar work but with a bit of persistence, a lot of patience, lots and lots of icing sugar later, here is what I managed to put together...

My completed rose and jasmine bud spray!
The class' work put together.
Thumbs up to Margaret, our ever patient and talented teacher - we all managed to get through the course and achieve what seemed like the impossible. Anyway, can't wait till class starts again next week!

And to answer everyone's question...yes, you can eat these things but personally, I wouldn't recommend it - they're too pretty!


char said...

i never knew you started these classes, but the outcome looks very pretty indeed. good work :)

panda said...

thank you!! trust me, so much work goes behind it which you can hardly imagine (now I appreciate why decorated cakes can be so expensive!)

otherwise, i'm hoping to keep up these classes now that i've started (hehe...they're much more fun than work!)hopefully work will permit (went after work today and i'm completely buggered!)