Sunday, 6 April 2008

happy birthday justin!

J turned 23 a couple weeks back and I must say, he made quite a big deal about. From not wanting to have a 21st back in the times (reason being he couldn't be bothered/rather have a small thing with close friends), this year he set about to organise his b'day almost a month in advance. Might I add, he generated a spreadsheet of people attending, people that had replied to a complete breakdown of whether people were invited through facebook, whether people were on Optus or Voda, to a completed table with presents received (which provided a more than clear snapshot of who had come and not bought a present). He is ever the accountant.

The start to the day - J in the kitchen, his bro apparently 'helping out'.
Tossing up about 2kg worth of salad.
The theme of the party was 'clothes that don't fit you'. J opted for one of his brother's shirts which I believe has been awfully stretched out of shape. There were punishments for people that didn't bother to dress up. Photos are probably a bit too rude to put on this blog.

Me snapping away at the food. Here you have some traditional Malaysian style snacks and desserts - glutinous rice with a savoury filling wrapped in banana leaf, curry puffs and a sweet dessert called 'gwe'.
J's family have a bain marie which has been the best thing for entertaining big groups. In the six compartments were chicken curry, rice, noodles and assorted cooked dishes. See the smile on everyone's faces!
In addition to the cooked food in the bain marie, there were assorted salads, pasta bake, lasagna, and oven roasted potatoes sitting on another bench.
J and his youngest brother have birthdays just days apart. We took the opportunity to celebrate both their birthdays. Cakes are from Pastry Perfection on Mobbs Lane - my favourite was probably the Strawberry one which his younger bro had requested.The people - Pic 1.The People - Pic 2.Mario, B'day Boy & Luigi - one of my favourite photos from the night.
There were was a great turn out, plenty of laughs, more than enough food and drink, and perhaps way too many obscene photos from the night. To my knowledge, the birthday boy really enjoyed the night (the only complaint being that he ended up really hungry - cause he never got around to eating that much food). Thanks everyone for a great night and for keeping this usually 'grumpy' birthday boy in good spirits!

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