Thursday, 24 April 2008

warrimoo pizza & pasta restaurant @ st. ives

Usually I'm in St. I'ves for 2 reasons: a) To go to Max Brenner (my closest ever since the one in Chatswood Chase closed down) and b) To visit my friend who lives next to the forest (and usually, also go to Max Brenner). A couple of weeks ago, K (the friend that lives next to the forest) suggested having dinner at a pizza and pasta place just down the road from him.

Warrimoo is in a somewhat isolated location, part of handful of shops which if you're not a local, you probably won't pay too much attention to. There's about 10-15 parking spots just out front which was handy for us that night, we grabbed a spot just out front. Almost as soon as the car made its stop, J jumped out and headed into the liquor store to grab us a bottle of wine.

K did the honours and picked out a selection of dishes for us to try. I love how the pizzas come on this stand; it saves so much room on the table!! (Unfortunately I can't remember the pizzas we had but both were really, really good - you'll find that these pizzas only have a sprinkling of cheese but the good thing is that you can taste how fresh the ingredients are).
One of their pastas from their special menu (again the name forgotten). The dish was licked clean!
M&I were pretty confident we could fit dessert - ended up getting the Meringue and the Sticky Date Pudding. The Meringue in particular lead to the conversation of what the differences were between meringue and pavlova (any thoughts?). Both were yum! (They also had a Frangipane Tart on their menu which we were keen to try but they had already sold out for the night).
The boys thought they would have a photo too. J pretending he's on the phone.
On the whole, dinner was extremely relaxing, service friendly and the food exceptional. It was a great place to wind down on a Friday night. K was funny (as buggered as he was, and after a couple glasses of wine), he's like 'Is my car still out there? I can't seem to see it? Has it gone?' Hmm...

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