Sunday, 30 March 2008

azuma @ chifley square

To celebrate J's B'day this year, we went to Azuma's @ Chifley Square for their dinner degustation: a 10 course meal which I'll come to describe as delicious and superb (and all enjoyed in a comfortable and relaxing manner). As much as I love fancy restaurants, I'm not the biggest fan of the attention you might get/ or in some cases lack of but what I found great about Azuma was they give just the right amount of attention and privacy that I like.

The front entrance.

I'd had the table booked for 7.30pm which for a Friday night was probably considered early. Being of the first patrons to sit down in the restaurant, we watched the tables around us gradually fill up. By the end of the night, the restaurant was truly bustling with young and old couples, families, friends, first dates, you name it!
I can't remember the name of this but it was one very pretty and tasty mocktail!
Course 1: Konyac Jelly with Dipping Sauce, Fresh Oyster.

Course 2: Mixed entree

Course 3: Sashimi. J got a very girly looking cocktail!

Course 4: To die for, seared salmon and tuna sushi.Course 5: Steamed Egg with Seafood (and chunks of it!)

Course 6: Tempura

Course 7: Wagyu Beef with Cauliflower (cooked to perfection!)

Course 8: Tuna

Course 9: Udon Noodles

Finale: Dessert. So pretty!

J really enjoyed the meal as did I - each course was only as good as the next! The last degustation I had, I struggled to get to the last course but with Azuma's, you'll find that you'll get to the end of the meal feeling just full (and extremely satisfied!).

Besides the degustation, there's an extensive menu on offer and I really, really want to go back! Any takers??


chocolatesuze said...

oooh everything looks delish! how much was your degustation and how much for the exensive one?

panda said...

hey suze! we went for the $110 degustation which I think is the standard one for dinner. I think there's an $80 degustation at lunch time. otherwise, if you book in advance, you can request to put together your own degustation (although not entirely sure how that works, i'm guessing you can pick dishes off their menu... and yeah it would be more expensive)

and argh, i want to try your green tea cupcakes that you're selling tomorrow night - not sure if i'll be able to dash there after work this week(plus give you a long overdue present... so sorry about this!)

Joanna said...

wow, that looks really yummy! I haven't tried degustation before, so hopefully sometime in the near future. LOL.

Bean Sprout said...

looks so nice but very small photo :)

i just arrived Sydney 2 days ago...cant wait to try many place u have been...thanks a lot ^ ^

from your fanclub ..hehe..

Bean Sprout said... thing i forgot to tell u..i will study in LCB this semester...hehe...Which course did u graduated?

the orientation day is 23 i am os excited ...

Big said...

great pics and looks delicious!!!

btw, you mentioned on grabyourfork that theres jap refrigerated noodles here in Syd as well? where? ive never seen them!!! Then again thats probably because I walk around half-blind all the time haha!

panda said...

bean sprout: welcome to sydney! how are you settling in? to answer your question, I finished Basic Patisserie but was then offered a job so didn't go up to Intermdediate Patisserie...I really want to though and will definitely do in the future.

big: thanks for the compliment! you'll find though that my photos are inconsistent - some good, some not so great. otherwise to answer your question, there's definitely packets sitting in ton yon supermarket in eastwood! i'd assumed that you could get them at other biggish asian supermarkets..let me know how you go!

Big said...

hmm well actually since that day, Ive had a look at thai kee at market city and miracle at world square, they dont seem to have the Ajisen brand nor this particular one that I usually get people to bring back from Japan, its like a pack of 5 and the soup sauce is all bundled up and cubed into a lump kinda thing. wonder if uve seen it anywhere?

They do however have individual packs at miracle though, at about 2.70 per single pack hmmmm