Tuesday, 11 March 2008

jelly filled mini muffins

I've been slowly getting back to baking and 'touch wood', everything is turning out a lot better than I expected. I was expecting mistakes to be made, food that couldn't be eaten and to my relief, neither have taken place in the last couple of bake ups. Then again, I haven't been doing anything really fancy (in a way, the sugar magic class I'm taking at the moment is putting me off anything that has a lot of sugar in it - those that have made sugar flowers or used royal icing will understand why).

Here are the jelly filled mini muffins that were made over a Saturday arvo to kill some time. You probably can't see but half are strawberry flavoured and the other half have apricot jam in them.
The recipe comes from a book called 'Muffins & Small Cakes'. This one's been sitting on my shelf for some time and has some of the most scrumptious recipes.
I highly recommend making these in the mini muffin cases (I made some minis as well as some larger ones). The serving size in the mini is just right for popping into your mouth :P Really enjoyed these and I reckon you can probably use assorted 'jellies' as your filling - would be keen to try blueberry as well as marmalade. Oh, and when baking with jam, make sure you don't put your baked goodie into your mouth too quickly; the jam can be extremely hot! (hmm...not exactly the best lesson to learn :D)

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