Saturday, 15 March 2008

bourke st. bakery @ broadway

My office has moved!! (the new space is amazing!! bar area, funky lights, beanie chairs, you name it!) And to my delight, bourke st. bakery @ broadway is just on my way to work (and I got there even before I got to my new office :P)

First up on Monday: Rhubarb & Almond Tart with Coffee. Superb!
Day 'n' (let's say we've moved into our office for 2 weeks now): Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Muffin. My gosh! This one has so many chunks of dark chocolate pieces and raspberries in it ('s my favourite of the 3 muffins they have)
For home: A loaf of Plain Sourdough & a Carrot Cake (the cake was so tiny yet so cute!)

The shop on Broadway is actually quite small; as you walk in, you have a counter and coffee machine, there's about one table if you want to sit in and a bench for people to browse newspapers whilst waiting for their coffees. I imagine their Surry Hills shop is much bigger although I was doing some research and somewhere it was saying that most of the baking actually gets done at their shop on Broadway! Definitely hard to believe but really, everything I've tried has been so good that I'm not too fussed where the baking gets done :P
So yeah, they have pastries, danishes, muffins, croissants, sourdough loaves, panini, sausage rolls, pies, quiches, cookies, cakes; more or less anything that gets baked. I actually also had a sandwich from there yesterday and it was equally as good. Must admit though, it is on the pricey side and going there too often has its downsides (money being one but getting fat is the other - my manager has already had to warn me about this :P).
And hey, I think I should get commission for recommending people there. I went on our first day in the new office, told people about it, and now half the office is going there!


Bean Sprout said...

hi.....the muffin looks so good..really wanna try..I will move to Sydney this 15 Apr..Is Bourke st. bakery is in the city?

Thanks for a lovely blog..I have been reading ur blog since last year and lost it..Finally found it again..yeh yeh!!

I will try many food that u review as much as i can..^ ^

panda said...

hey hey...glad to hear that you're a reader of my blog! nice to meet you!

glad to hear also that you're moving to Sydney...i would be more than happy to take you around and eat!

To answer your question Bourke St. Bakery is in the city, just up at Broadway (near the shopping centre). It's only a very small shop but the bread and pastries taste so good! you've got to try when you're in Syd!!