Sunday, 16 March 2008

pent thai @ epping

Let me start off by saying, I love the Lindt Inflatable Rabbit that's sitting outside Target at Mac Centre! It's possibly the nicest looking inflatable I've ever seen - too bad it's not actually real chocolate. Anyway, seems like this year Lindt are going all out with the rabbit. I've seen Lindt rabbit plushes in Easter gift boxes at Woolies, then there's the Lindt rabbit plushes which are sitting across Targets as in-store displays and have you noticed? there's so much Lindt chocolate being launched for Easter. haha... I do love Lindt chocolate (I'm tempted to buy that 5kg bag of Lindt couveture for baking...mmmmm).

The Inflatable Lindt Rabbit.
So anyway, just before heading to Karen's B'day in the city last weekend, J&I thought we'd grab dinner locally. J thought we should break out a little so we headed over to Epping to look for some food. We started off onThe Epping Club side, didn't find much there and thought we'd give the other side of the station a go and very fortunately, found ourselves Pent Thai (which you possibly could miss if you weren't looking closely).

J&I have been to Pent Thai at Mac Centre on a number of occasions (love their food) but we were even more pleasantly surprised to find what was on offer at the Pent Thai of Epping (personally I'm not too sure if the two restaurants are related because their menu is quite different).

Seafood Tom Yum Soup. Love it!

Money Bags - Basically Deep Fried Wonton Wrappers which had a filling of Mince & Noodles, served with a Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.

I wasn't the biggest fan of this one - Mango Chicken which we had with Rice. I knew mangoes weren't in season but I hadn't thought they'd used dried mangoes in place of the real thing. J liked this more than I did.Lamb Masaman Curry that was so rich in Coconut and filled my belly right up. Loved it!

Service here was superb and the decor makes the place a comfortable place to dine in. There's a good mix of customers and the feeling you get is generally very relaxed - not too much noise but at the same time not too quiet to make you feel uncomfortable. Quite a mix of people seem to have found this place; families, young and old couples, generation Y's. It's not your cheapest meal in town but at the same time, won't break your wallet (plus there's ample parking down the road!)


chocolatesuze said...

dude i saw the giant lindt bunny! like the super giant one? its not for sale! apparently little kids get to do a colouring in comp to win it but im not allowed to enter bah!

char said...

reading your post makes me realise i'm overdue for some thai food ! barely touched thai cuisine this year :O

char said...

now i feel like i'm overdue for some thai food. haven't really touched thai cuisine so far this year!