Sunday, 16 March 2008

ying's @ pacific highway, crows nest

Every Chinese family seems to have their favourite Chinese restaurant - Ying's on Pacific Highway happens to be my uncle's favourite. And I got to say, there's so many perks of visiting one restaurant every so often - not only do you get the manager looking after your table, better service on the whole, better food, there's also the freebies like White Carrot Cake during Chinese New Year and in this particular instance, every dessert the restaurant had on hand served after our meal!

Ying's seems to offer a fusion menu of Chinese food. I swear the owners are Malaysian (I kept asking J during the meal much to his annoyance - he coudn't see why I was so bothered.) Hmph, J is Malaysian so I had the expectation that he would be able to tell me whether the food was heavily Malaysian influenced. Well I thought it was anyway given the amount of chilli that was scattered through our various dishes.

Oysters with a Port Wine Sauce. Highly recommend this one - it's like a whole new take on how you should be eating oysters!
Deep fried noodles that sat on a bed of Clam Sauce.
Salt & Pepper Crab. Love this!
I recommend everything that's in this photo: there's the deep fried tofu with cauliflower, salty fish and pork pancakes, steamed fish with bittergourd, sweet & sour pork, and clear soup beef and tendon.
And as a finale to the meal, you get a fruit platter that sits over dried ice and water. The effect always brings smiles to everyone's faces. In the photo you can see two of the many desserts we were offered (green tea cake & bean paste cookies). The other desserts included mango pudding, home made grass jelly and green bean soup.
The funny thing about this place is the car park. You enter from the back (not Pacific Highway) and everytime we've driven into the carpark, there's always this guy sitting there opening and closing the door (and I mean literally, he sits there all night opening and closing the door). I'm not sure why they can't get some automated system happening but seriously, it has to be the worse job ever!

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