Sunday, 12 October 2008

ryo's noodles @ falcon st., north sydney

The day J&I trekked out to North Sydney for Ramen, my mood had been just as terrible as the weather. It was raining heavily, I was annoyed at J for some stupid reason or other (I forget just as quickly as it takes me to get annoyed) and well, there was a queue outside the door which didn't seem to move at all and it didn't help that J&I were stuck in the queue arguing about whatever it was we were arguing. *Sigh* - Sorry J.

It was definitely much better as we crept up in the queue and were finally seated down at a share table and my attention was then focused on deciding what to have on the menu. I'd say if you head to Ryo's, most likely you'll go for the Ramen. They do have rices and other items on the menu but I think for the two times I've been, I'd say go for the Ramen!

J's Spicy Ramen.
My ramen - all I can remember is that it was a Pork Soup base.
A pork rice ball. Apparently they only make a limited number of these each day (from memory it was 20). They're surprisingly tasty and full of flavour (contrary to what I originally thought, it's not just a chunk of rice with some filling inside!)
Gyoza. They're a tad on the small side but undeniably tasty! Even better when J gives me 3 because he knows I like them :P
Meals are very reasonably priced and service is generally very quick. It's a little annoying having to wait outside in the queue (I think a friend said they don't take bookings). There's street parking nearby but admittedly, the location is a little out of the way from everything else. Although, The Essential Ingredient is not far off and I do have a habit of dragging J there whenever we are 'within' the area - as I did on this occasion! :D


char said...

dude ! so funny, we ordered almost exactly the same things as you last time .. hehe guess i don't need to blog about it now :)

panda said...

sounds like we have compatible stomaches!