Thursday, 30 October 2008

the great bagel company @ mac. centre (again)

So...a funny moment...was about to start typing this entry, waited for photos to upload and dang! what on earth had I eaten that day?! I remember J had the Chicken Burger bagel (you can easily see that) but what was on mine? Proceeded to google and see if their was a menu online that would help and funnily enough, the first two sites that came up were Suze's blog (no luck there) followed by my own blog...great.

J's Chicken Burger Bagel (one of their specials not on the main menu board).
The unidentified but 'eaten by me' bagel. J reckons it was the Roast Beef bagel and I'm starting to think that it might be it. Whatever it was, it tasted great! I remember at least that. I had another one of their Blueberry Smoothies - seriously addictive although this is one that leaves bits in your teeth which can be a little annoying.
Well to find my own blog come up when I google 'The Great Bagel Company' has been interesting. Occasionally I've had friends or friends of friends tell me that they've stumbled across my blog when they've been looking for a place to eat - which I think is great and is always a great conversation starter. Yet for me to stumble across my own blog in the interest of research, I actually start to worry. Not that I've been bad mouthing any restaurants (cause usually I can never be bothered blogging about those 'bad' restaurants) but the fact that some person out there will actually read my blog and go visit a! That to me is very interesting!

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