Sunday, 2 November 2008

takeru @ victoria plaza, victoria ave., chatswood

I love the fact that there are so many Jap restaurants in Sydney and that each and every one of them has its own style, it's always fun to stumble across a new one and try out what's on the menu. A friend recommended 'Takeru' in Chatswood for one of our group dinners which is tucked away at the back of Victoria Plaza - had you not known that it was there, you can easily miss.

J has the Calpis Water and I have my stock standard, Iced Green Tea Latte. To date, I think Ichiban Boshi's 'Iced Green Tea Cappuccino' is still the best of them all.
There were actually 9/10 of us for dinner that night but we ended up being split across two tables. Their tables really only fit a maximum of 6 and the option to set up a long table outside the front door hadn't been too enticing - too windy that night. J&I were with P&E - amongst us we ordered 4 mains and 2 entrees; leaving us satisfyingly full and content. They do actually have a very delectable dessert menu which E&I agreed to come back to later for afternoon tea.

Cha-han with Prawn & Garlic.
Cheesy Curry Rice Cake - I can't say I would order this one again.Spaghetti that didn't have a whole lot of filling to it. Still nice though.My choice: Omelette Rice with a Bolognese Sauce. It's humongous! Can easily feed 2. Super tasty with Tabasco Sauce which the waiter/waitress brings to the table.Nanban Chicken - thumbs up to this one, highly recommend ordering.Unagi Cha-han.
Despite the initial kafuffle with seating (the fact that we were such a big group), service is actually quite friendly and food comes out quickly to the table. Prices are very reasonable and we even got a 1o% discount on the bill! I think it was just that week though. It's a shame that they don't really cater for larger groups but for a group up to six, Takeru is definitely a place to visit. And well, for families that have little bubs, the restaurant actually has a play pen with TV which will definitely keep the bubs well occupied whilst you're eating. I'll be back for dessert :P

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