Friday, 7 November 2008

2008: sugar hit @ the intercontinental

As it is each year, Good Food Month rolls by in October, I get excited and make plans to do as many Sugar Hits as possible and then it's already the end of the month, and again (for the second year running), I only managed to squeeze in the one. This year was Sugar Hit at The InterContinental with a bunch of the high school girls.

Tasting platter of Grand Marnier-Strawberry Infused Panna Cotta; Chestnut Timbale, V.S.O.P cognac cream & White Chocolate-Rasberry Torte.
G intent on getting a photo of her cake.
Moi!K and the twins. G&I must've been a little tipsy! Love this photo.
Seated on the couches, glass of wine in hand and yummy dessert to line our stomaches, it was hard to get up afterwards! My favourite dessert out of the tasting platter was probably the Chestnut Timbale - unlike other Chestnut cakes I've had, the taste was more subtle and well, I could've easily eaten a much bigger piece! (Grudgingly I do have to say, is it just me or what, but is Sugar Hit getting more expensive and the desserts getting smaller?) Anyway, we had the friendliest of waiters who passionately explained all the desserts when they got to our table and chatted to us about which were our favourites. Lucky him, he gets to taste the desserts even before the month of Sugar Hit has started for the rest of us! Au revoir Sugar Hit 2008, hopefully I'll get to see a bit more of you in 2009!

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