Sunday, 9 November 2008

hurricane's grill & bar restaurant @ darling harbour

After the Melbourne Cup last week, J&I finished up at our respective work functions and decided to eat out at Hurricane's at Darling Harbour. I can't remember how long it took us to get together but I remember J complaining about it - unfortunately due to me being in heels for most of the afternoon, my feet were aching and so we took a very long winded bus trip which potentially took about 3 times as long as it would've to walk. Anyhow, I was more than relieved to plonk my bum down on a seat at Hurricane's. I didn't care all that much that we had to finish dinner by 7.30pm - my feet were aching and I was hungry.

It's quite a relaxed fit out at Hurricane's - I haven't been to the one in Bondi which everyone seems to talk about but somehow, I'd thought it was more upmarket? J reminded me that it is a steakhouse and it probably makes more sense for a more relaxed setting but anyhow, you get the nice view out over Darling Harbour which definitely compliments the meal.

Garlic Roll. J says the Herb Roll is actually even better.
Since ordering the mushrooms at Ribs & Rumps, J&I have become quite big fans of mushrooms - thought we'd try the garlic mushrooms here. These taste even better!
J is laughing at me because it seems that my camera has taken to eating food - apparently there is a sliver of garlic bread on the lens of my camera.I went for the 350g New York Strip with Pepper Sauce. Definitely recommend this over the Prime Rib Eye which J had - much more tender and seemed to have a bit more flavour to it. Chips were a tad burnt so I started eating J's which were fine.The 500g Prime Rib Eye with a side of mushroom sauce. J actually struggled with this one.
Food actually came out quite quickly because we left way before the time we were going to get kicked out. I saw a very pretty dessert at the next table but unfortunately, was too full to fit in any - next time. Anyway, might I add, next door to Hurricane's is the British Lolly Shop where J accused me of flirting with the guy that was working in there. But hey, all I did was walk in to look at lollies whilst he was going to the toilet, and the dude that was there comes up and offers me a lolly (as they do in every other British Lolly Shop you go to). So yes, just making that quite clear to all.


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

so funny about lolli pop shop nearby lol...bytheway, I am tagging u in my blog. If got time, please come and see ^ ^

Joanna said...

Hurricane's is on my list of eats-to-go for december :)

I haven't been to the one in bondi either. Had no idea that there's one in darling harbour - though that might actually be closer.

panda said...

bean sprout - it was actually quite funny! and to be honest, the guy was actually quite friendly and cute too :P anyway,just visited your blog - will post up 7 food facts about me asap.

jo - the one in darling harbour is definitely much more easier to get to. hehe...we can add that to our list of places to eat at :D