Sunday, 9 November 2008

pho sam vietnamese noodle house @ oxford st., epping

It was another Saturday night, J&I and our eating partners in crime, E&E(P) ventured over to Epping to grab some dinner. J's bro had recommended this place for it's tasty yet cheap food and I have to agree, food was uber tasty and extremely cheap! It was great to see how at the end of the meal, we were all rummaging through our wallets for the $5 notes and the coins to make up the bill - it was that cheap.

My crispy chicken with tomato rice. E had the same as me and we were both contentedly full. Chicken is crispy and the rice - let's say I could probably just keep eating that if I lacked any self control!
J went for the Special Beef Noodles and he gave it his thumbs up. The soup is flavoursome and J had to stop himself from downing it all.
We also had a serve of spring rolls to share and each of us got a drink - again, thumbs up! The restaurant was full throughout our meal (we were actually lucky to come in and get ourselves the last table) and the minute we emptied out, our table was reset and the next group was seated. One of the waitresses there is actually one of my parents' favourite waitresses (she used to work in one of those Chinese Cafes in Eastwood). At least that should give me a reason to get mum and dad here! This place is definitely worth a try for those after Viet food - a very extensive menu and quick/fast service and that's also light on the wallet. Tasty too!

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