Saturday, 8 November 2008

eurolounge @ castle towers, castle hill

J&I were in Castle Hill the other weekend visiting Cake Decorating Central (stocking up on supplies as I'm back to cake decorating this term) and decided to grab lunch at Castle Towers. It was probably close to 2pm when we got to Eurolounge due to the time it took to pull myself out of Cake Decorating Central (hmm..this time round J actually sat in the car to wait cause he couldn't be bothered following me into the store). Anyway, so by the time we settled for Eurolounge, we were really quite hungry.

I was tempted to go for the High Tea which was on the menu but J was insistent on lunch. Eurolounge offer a $22.50, 2 course lunch special which also comes with a beverage. I'd read about this place on Suze's blog and was actually quite excited to finally see what this place had to offer.

Spicy Tomato Soup with dipping bread. Tasty!
Breads and Dips - also tasty! There was an Olive Tapenade, Pesto Tapenade & a Capsicum Tapenade. The capsicum tapenade left the two of us boggled at first - we ended up having to ask our waitress what it was - J thought it was pumpkin, I thought it was carrot - I guess neither of us were close.
A content J after our entrees. My Fish & Chips with Aioli. It was a massive serving and all the better for it - I easily cleaned everything off the plate! By the way, these are beer battered fish & chips; you can taste the beer when you bite into the fish - it was good!J went for the Asian inspired Steak which was very tasty and came to the table very prettily presented. Again, a massive serving -just a suggestion, they could cut back a little on the chilli oil which they use to decorate the plate.
So for $45 for two, it's not a bad deal at Eurolounge. Food is excellent, servings are more than decent - you'd think that you would be paying much more for what you get. J&I sat outside to take in a bit of the sun but for those that prefer sitting indoors, there's plenty of tables available inside. Seems like the place is quite popular with the locals and looks like they've even hosting children's parties. We watched as couple after couple of mum and kid (kid holding a wrapped presented) file into the restaurant - what grown up b'day parties kids have these days! Anyway, I'm keen to come back and try dinner!


Joanna said...

oooh! have been thinking of going there quite some time, but I never got round to it. price is probably one of the factors. hehe. but the portions do look big!

panda said...

$22.50 for the lunch special was actually very reasonable - i think their actual menu is a bit more expensive...hehehe..yes the portions were big but i still managed to finish it all :P