Sunday, 2 November 2008

ribs & rumps @ talavera rd., north ryde

I was very pleased to discover a few weeks ago that there's a Ribs & Rumps close to home. Instead of heading all the way to Gordon, there's one on Talavera Road in North Ryde, just tucked behind Mac Centre - a mere 15 minutes by car for me. And to top things off, this Ribs & Rumps is way, way better. Not only do you have both indoor/outdoor courtyard seating, there's square tables and large round tables plus function rooms; parking is also just out the front door. I'm already thinking about my next meal there - I'm determined to get a seat at one of those round tables (you actually have to go there to see what I mean). Seating aside, it's a mix of both the service and quality of food which make it much, much better than Gordon.

Dinner was with our eating partners in crime: E&E(P). Entrees we had the Black Mushrooms (awesome!) & Caesar Salad (a bit tasteless; could do with a lot more dressing).
I went for a half rack of Beef Ribs with Chips. Unreal! FYI: Beef Ribs are my favourite out of beef, pork and lamb :P
J goes for a steak with Baked Potatoes. I think their ribs are better!
It had been a Saturday night and they were pretty much booked out. We'd made the last minute decision to eat there on a Saturday afternoon and only managed to squeeze ourselves in - so I encourage anyone eating here to book in advance. I actually quite like the outdoor seating here (it's covered and not too noisy) and the place seems to attract a nice crowd. They have desserts and cocktails! But unfortunately, half a rack of ribs later, my stomach couldn't quite fit it in. Might try next time and ooh...I definitely want one of those Cobs that come to the table with a Steak Knife stabbed through it - they looked dangerously awesome!


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

My friend also mentioned about this place to me...My god ! look at the beef rib !!! ( I have never tried beef ribs before)

panda said...

this place is good but i tried 'hurricanes' for the first time last week and I think they might even be better (although i didn't try their ribs).

you must try beef ribs if you haven't! if cooked well, they are so juicy!! (which is why i prefer beef over pork ribs which can end up being really dry).