Thursday, 26 February 2009

annual suckling pig night

It started off as an idea one year and since then has become tradition that every year, the family gets together for suckling pig night. It's usually around Chinese New Year, give or take a month and as it's name would suggest, is celebrated with a whole suckling pig. We've tried pigs from a couple of places - this year's pig was from BBQ One in Eastwood.

The responsibility of cutting up the pig seems to have fallen on my uncle's shoulders. He does a rather good job!

I was telling mum how I was fascinated by the 'Yee Sang' which Malaysians have to celebrate Chinese New Year. I'd had it once at J's place and his aunt had made it; mum had seen some packet ones at Ton Yon and said we could try one of those. Minus the sashimi, all the other ingredients you see in the below pic were in the packet.
To top it off, you have some fresh cut coriander and shallot. 
The fun bit is the tossing where everyone puts their chopsticks and everything gets mixed together. It's a tad messy but a lot of fun - and anyway, eating food should be fun!

So to add to our suckling pig nights now is 'Yee Sang'. The packet 'Yee Sang' was actually quite good although the dressing they had was a little sweet but people didn't seem to mind too much. I've already discussed with mum what ingredients we'll put in when it comes to us making it ourselves - can't wait till next year comes around! 

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