Sunday, 1 February 2009

ton ton regent @ george st., sydney

One seriously hot Saturday spent fixing a broken computer in the city led J&I to have lunch at Ton Ton Regent (a Jap restaurant tucked/almost hidden inside Regent's Place on George St.) Regent's Place hides a handful of neat little shops/places to eat and fortunately, whilst people are still learning of its whereabouts, it's actually not a bad place to head to to grab a table. Don't get me wrong, there's people heading there but at least you're not fighting with crowds everywhere else in the city who are looking to grab a bite.

Gyoza. I could easily gobble up a couple more of these - the dumpling skin is thin and the inside is juicy!
Sun streamed down through the glass ceiling (literally cooking me - I'm really not good with heat!) - J is slightly more relaxed and fans himself with a wad of paper.
My choice: Spicy Chicken Don. I kid you not, it is about 2/3 chicken, 1/3 rice. Note that the pieces of chicken are fried, making the dish quite filling (needed J's help).
J went for the Ton Ton Ramen - this is definitely a place to come back to for Ramen.

Anyway, the computer is fixed (yay!) and I definitely enjoyed lunch. Jap has to be my favourite food in the world - I just can't seem to get enough of it! Definitely heading back to here to try more of the menu and hopefully, the heat will die down so that I can eat here without breaking into a sweat (really not fun!) Saying that though, I did notice that they had some seating inside (they seem to have used the empty shop next to them and filled it with chairs and tables). Maybe I'll sit there next time...


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

hahaha.....It is so funny !! You know I just went to Tonton today and ordered Spicy Chicken Don ... lol Again, we did the same thing... Totally agree that they were so generous for chicken... Mine one, the chicken was so juicy and crispy.. very good. (just a bit too salty)

panda said...

all i can say is that our stomaches must be really alike! it's happened a couple of times now that we've either eaten the same thing or went to the same place either on the same day or within that week! wow!

and i know - how juicy and crispy was that chicken! hahaha..i love chicken!