Monday, 2 February 2009

Y2K super cafe @ dixon st., haymarket

We were out in the city early for our annual family chinese new year dinner and with a bit over an hour to kill, dad suggested that we all go for a drink. Nearby was Y2K cafe which seemed like a good place to grab a quick drink. In we trooped and were seated close to the door of the restaurant.

These days, Y2K is a little shabby for wear - they could do with a good clean up. Even just a mop of the floor might do the trick but what can I say, you're probably only there to grab a quick drink or meal so you're not going to spend a whole lot of time checking out the decor - depends whether cleanliness is on your list of priorities when you go out and eat. For me, when it's a fast meal, I can't say that I pay too much attention to the decor of a place. As always, my main concern is the food!

Anyway, any drink with my dad is never without food. Here are the skewers smothered in a light satay sauce.
My drink: Milk tea with mango pudding. I used to love getting the Milk Tea with Egg Pudding at Easy Way (it was the best!) Anyway, this one's alright, tad sweet.
J goes for a Pearl Milk Tea. He is quite the poser for photos!
Dumplings - I like! I also like the sauce that went with it!
Mum doesn't understand me and photos but she obligingly takes a photo of me & J.

I realise now that I'm missing photos of two other dishes that we had - prawn cocktails with a sweet chilli sauce and this dish of deep-fried fish with the bellies of fish roe; urgh! (I'm not a big fan of the latter. I'll eat it but you might just see me squirm a little when I do - there's something wrong about eating that much fish roe. Needless to say, it was just a bit too much food and drink before dinner and I sat down to our proper dinner already feeling quite full. Good thing about the Chinese New Year banquets is that the food always takes a little while to come out (which gave me ample time to digest and still eat everything that was part of the banquet! Woot!)

By the way, there's a hefty surcharge at Y2k on public holidays. They bring it to your attention when you sit down but whilst waiting to pay, there was another customer having an argument with the person at the cashier. From memory, it was $2.20 per person which is a tad hefty if you're only in there for quick drink or snack!

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