Saturday, 7 February 2009

cafe andronicus @ victoria ave., chatswood

It was a Sunday of running around, ahieving not a whole lot and getting fed up with incompetent salespeople that J&I finally resolved to sit down at Cafe Andronicus in Chatswood. On a board outside was 'Coffee & Cake Special - $6: Choose any cake from the display cabinet.' A quick squiz of the display cabinet saw about 8-10 different cakes - in we went to sit down.

They gave us a menu which I had a quick look through. Their cake slices are usually $7.90 - it made sense to get the coffee and cake special. At first, J thought to get something else but everything else on the menu seemed a whole lot more expensive than the cake and coffee special; and well, the two of us could eat two slices of cake...i think?

I went for the Blueberry Cheesecake with a Flat White. J reckons that I make a better Blueberry Cheesecake cause the base of this one was a little soggy - I actually didn't mind it too much - it was rich and cheesy and well complimented by the blueberry sauce/compote (which was both on the top and sandwiched between the cheesecake and base).
J goes for the Lemon & Lime Tart with a latte. I preferred the Blueberry Cheesecake - the flavours of this one were a little too subtle.
Can't remember what was happening here - maybe a fly had flew up J's nose? There were a handful buzzing around our heads as we ate.

My overall comment - their cake slices are huge!  (but somehow we managed and cleaned both plates) It's a little annoying with the caramel that they use to decorate the plate - whenever I put my fork down, it kept dipping into the caramel sauce so that 5 minutes into eating, my hands were getting sticky from holding a caramelised fork. Then again, it's me being clumsy. Anyway, cake and coffee is a nice way to wind down the weekend; and to add, it can leave you quite stuffed so if if you have a big dinner planned for afterwards, I'd advise sharing a slice of cake between two.


Joanna said...

went to andronicus tonight for dessert and the cakes are HUGE :) though it was like $9.90.

panda said...

i'm glad to hear that's it not just me that thinks their cake slices are huge - at first my eyes thought they were seeing wrong!

and definitely go on sunday - $6 for the cake and coffee special!