Saturday, 16 May 2009

addicted to burgers

This particular Saturday started out with J arriving at my place with this in a tissue. It's one of his grandma's specialties - deep fried sweet potato with that glutinous new year cake sandwiched in between. They're tasty but I doubt one should be anymore than the one or two in the one sitting. I proceeded to have a go at J for bringing this to me in tissue (which by the time had got to me, most of the oil had soaked through), it's probably a bit more hygienic to carry it around in a box! 

Anyway, the day's plans were to go out and grab some lunch and not wanting to trek far, we settled for Inferno's at Mac Centre. We usually come here for pizzas but after the previous weekend of eating tasty Counter Burgers, we thought we'd try out the burgers instead (and also, to verify whether The Counter was in fact the best burger that I've ever had). There's about half a dozen burgers to choose from at Inferno's:

J gets the Beef burger with the works. The fillings are toppling out of the bun - it's that big!

The Counter had a Salmon Burger which got me curious. Seeing it at Inferno's - I decided to try. Not bad at all! Although I can't say that it's a burger in the traditional sense - subconsciously I still think a burger involves a juicy meat patty. Got to say though, the best chips in the world are being served at Inferno's. I have a habit of picking out crunchy chips with the soft centres - every single chip on my plate at Inferno's was cooked to perfection! Yum!

The Counter is definitely still in the lead for the best burger in Sydney/best burger that I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, Inferno's offers a decent burger but surely, you just can't compete with The Counter that specialises in burgers! Although when it comes to chips, The Counter can definitely learn a thing or to from what the kitchen are doing at Inferno's - those chips were damn good!

I think I'm addicted to burgers! and chips!

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