Saturday, 30 May 2009

catching up with the girls + zumbo

It happened to be quite coincidental that the day that G&I organised a catch up with the high school girls at Zumbo's, Zumbo launched his new cake range. As tempting as it was to head into the shop to check out the new range, I knew that if we didn't get into the cafe first and grab a table, we would have nowhere to sit. It was good thinking because the 4 of us that made it that day managed to grab one of the two tables inside before the rest of the cafe started filling up and the outside tables got showered with rain. Phew!

It didn't take me long to decide what I wanted to order - 'It's not a Hamburger' (the last of the cafe desserts for me to try)+ a mint hot chocolate to keep warm in the cold weather. I hadn't noticed it previously but look at the different forks they have at Zumbo's!
 The Peanut Brittle Ice cream is really, very delicious in this dish and something I could easily eat all day long.
Eating our way through our selection of desserts. Could that be another food blogger walking through the door? Bumped into Helen from grabyourfork and Suze from chocolatesuze. Good to see you both!
The Miss Marple Crepes. Compared to the last time I had these, it didn't seem quite so sticky which was good.
It's not a hamburger! (as much as I'm addicted to hamburgers at the moment - just another coincidence.) I'd say that out of all the desserts on offer at the cafe, this is now officially my favourite. 
G hadn't had lunch and was keen to order something savoury. She picked the corn cakes which were mouthwateringly delicious. And yep, all that cream cheese on top got eaten!
Whenever I get my own place, I'm going to buy myself a red chandelier. Very pretty!
With a belly full of sweetness at the cafe, the four of us made our way over to the shop for some cakes to take home. Suze had already warned me that cakes were starting to sell out and by the time we made it into the shop before 4, they were down to three cakes in their new range. I ended up picking the one titled '!' and got into a conversation with the two guys behind the counter as to how on earth you were meant to pronounce it. I called it an exclamation mark but the guys thought it should be a clicking noise - unfortunately two against one, I lost. 

The bag of madeleines + macaroons (one of each in Zumbo's new range) didn't take long to finish eating. Gone within two days with me being the only one eating (oh and minus the three that mum gave to my cousin 'thinking' that I coudn't eat them all...hmph). I honestly can not pick out my favourite flavour, they are all very good. Need to go back for more!

Had a great day out with you girls! We should do it more often!

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