Wednesday, 27 May 2009

happy birthday em!

To celebrate Em's b'day, her boy, J and myself decided on lunch at The Great Bagel & Coffee Company in Mac Centre. Lunch was P's shout (much to J's surprise - he proceeded to give P grief about shouting more expensive dishes and meals, and not just Bagels. Typical guy banter. P - Thanks for the shout!). 

The birthday girl and her boy.
It just happened to be that we were there on one of their busiest days. My Blueberry Smoothie came in a takeaway cup as opposed to a tall glass. As lunch progressed, we started seeing chips in paper boxes rather than the usual ceramic - it was looking indeed quite odd! I ordered one of their special bagels - Szechuan beef and was initially told that they had sold out despite the sign advertising they had it. And then miraculously, in the minutes I ummed over the menu - the szechuan beef had reappeared!
J goes for their other Special - The Lamb Bagel. By special, I refer to the bagels that are not on their menu but on signs sitting on the counter. I have to say, I don't eat a whole lot of lamb but I do like this bagel!
P generously also shouted Curly Fries and Onion Rings - the latter of which I recommend if you're heading here for a Bagel. I really don't get the deal with curly fries - yes, they're curly but they really don't taste that great. And everytime I've had them, every curly fry seems to be stuck to every other one in the bowl. 

Anyway, I'm quite keen on trying the chilli con carne they have here but after a bagel, curly fries and a blueberry smoothie (which are my staples), it's quite hard to fit it in!

Hope you enjoyed the day Em!

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