Sunday, 31 May 2009

pancakes on the rocks @ briens rd., northmead

It's becoming a yearly event that the week before June 1st, J&I rummage through our Entertainment Book in the hope of using up as many vouchers as possible before the book expires. From memory, our record was using 4 in the one day. Last Sunday, we managed to use 2 vouchers in the one day with a saving of about $30. It's not bad considering you only pay about $60 for the book.  If only I remembered to use it more often throughout the year and not just in the last week that it expires!

One of the vouchers that gets used up every year (without fail) is the voucher for Pancakes on the Rocks. For awhile now, we've stopped going to the one that's actually at The Rocks. It'll either be the one at Darling Harbour or the one closest to home, the one on Briens Rd. in Northmead. If you're thinking that there's less queues at these other branches, you're dreaming. There hasn't been a time when I've been able to avoid the queue. It doesn't even matter what time you go. We came here before 12 last Sunday thinking we'd get a table and ended up being in a queue for about 10 minutes.

Without really needing the menu, I knew what I was getting. Actually not pancakes but the Beef Ribs (well we did have a voucher to buy one and get one free so it was only fitting to get something more expensive on the menu. Saying that though, the Beef Ribs are actually really good - SO juicy!) J orders a steak cooked Rare. I asked him if he was sure but he was pretty confident that the steak would come out medium rare anyway, he was right. The steak's ok here, not the best.

The Beef Ribs don't look all that big but they're filling. If you're still hungry after this, you can always order pancakes.

So at Pancakes, we managed to save a grand total of $24.95. The remaining $5 we saved that day was actually at New Zealand Ice Cream at Mac Centre. I can't remember what took us over there but it was just as well that we were on a mission to use up the vouchers that J had on him.  Mine is the one on the right - Green Tea & Macadamia. J is becoming a little strange these days - I thought he preferred fruity flavours but he ended up getting Chocolate & Cafe Expresso.
The day was good fun and I suppose we weren't too full. J's intent on using up all the Maccas burger & Big Mac vouchers by Monday so we'll see how he goes with that. Need to actually get a hold of the new Entertainment Book and commence a new year of eating!


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

haha...its really funny about J ordering steak there, clever !

the beef ribs look nice, i still haven't tried beef ribs except in korean bbq.. actually i just went to pancake on the rock only 1 time in 2007.. maybe find a chance to go again.. but so many good places I want to go of that is counter burger :D

panda said...

i think a big part of eating is knowing how to order at different restaurants. some restaurants you expect to cook to perfection, at others, you need to accommodate for that place to get a good meal. so i agree with you, j was clever in this instance!

definitely try the beef ribs. ooh..and if you're looking for someone to go with you to pancakes or the counter burger, i volunteer!

Joanna said...

i think weekday arvos queues are marginally better :)

panda said...

i suppose you can't go wrong eating at a place that has a queue!