Tuesday, 15 September 2009

a brownie with too many nuts

I've had a few friends stumble across my blog in the last week and whilst it does make me a little nervous when I think about who's out their reading my blog and paying attention to what I write, I actually get quite excited by the new messages that get left and the positive feedback I get about this space of mine. So thanks to all for popping by and leaving your lovely comments.

It's almost been three years since I started this blog. From my adventures at Patisserie school, to local eats, to the more expensive degustation dinners when I started working and could actually afford to eat a little more expensive, my tastes have evolved and changed. What has surprised me even more is how much the boy's tastes have changed. From large chunks of steak (the more the better), he's come to appreciate the delicacy of a cut of wagyu, he absolutely loves friands (and I'm sure there's few guys out there who would even know what one is), he's really grown to absolutely love and appreciate food. And what has brought on this realisation and sense of nostalgia?

J complains that there are too many nuts in this piece of brownie and his opinion, this is not what a brownie should be. I was amused.
At the same time, a chai latte served in a teapot left me boggled. On closer inspection, they'd used proper tea leaves but a big NO to brewing tea in a pot of milk - it just doesn't happen so this one did leave me a little disappointed.
On the other end of the table, a recent purchase of a SLR camera has C snapping away. These days I'm not the only one who takes pictures of food. Seems like I've managed to influence those around me.
This was afternoon tea at New Orlean's Cafe after my lunch of Japanese beef curry pork cutlet rice. Time and time again, I come back here and I do love the atmosphere of this place. Great that Essential Ingredient is just down the road and yes, as usual, I did drag the boys down the road to have a quick squiz inside. They didn't complain or at least, kept quiet about it.

Anyway, back to the brownie, I do agree with J and perhaps these guys could go easy on the nuts. A bit more chocolate would make it tastier.


Joanna said...

ooooh! is that a Canon SLR or a Nikon?

panda said...

jo - it's a nikon. actually justin got one himself too and he's been crazily taking photos with it :P

Sarah said...

hey, i've read that chai leaves are actually meant to be brewed in milk - it infuses the milk with the spices and makes it more intense. or something. :)

chocolatesuze said...

hehe yeah i have issues with nuts in my brownies...

Betty said...

you're too sweet Jenny i love coming by for reads sometimes i dont comment but i do come often! :)

i think i prefer my brownies without any nuts at all actually.

&, is there an essential ingredients in sydney?

i fiound out about a chocolate chai tea, and approached the maker, she said i can find them at essential ingredient in canberrra, and also at canberra markets
but id ont think ill be able to drop by when im in canberra next week (we have a full day of activities already)

id love to visit essential ingredient here though, even if it doesnt stock the chai that i want
let me google it hehe..

panda said...

sarah - really? now that you've mentioned, i'm going to read up on it too. could be that i didn't let it infuse for long enough which is why it tasted rather like milk.

suze - lol..but nuts are healthy?!

betty - don't worry! I know what you mean, i do that too. i get carried away reading all my favourite blogs but then forget to leave a comment. and yep, there's an essential ingredient on pacific highway in st. leonards. you can usually find a park just outside, i find that they can be a tad expensive but they sure are well stocked.