Sunday, 13 September 2009

japanese beef curry rice with pork cutlet

Like I mentioned in my last post, I've been revisiting a lot of my favourite restaurants and amongst the top 5 would be Ryo's Noodles in Crows Nest. They're famous for their ramen (and equally famous for their queue that extends out the door at all hours when they're open) but this time round, I skipped the ramen and went for something a little different.

Standing in the queue with little to do. May as well take a photo of the sign at the front of the restaurant!
J thinks I'm crazy with my camera (I take photos of a lot of random stuff) but he's actually the one that's into cameras and photography. I can't quite work out his expression in this pic - could be hunger cross bemusement cross 'here Jenny goes again'.
Everytime I'm at Ryo's, I see people order this dish and I finally gave in and decided to give it a go. It's the Japanese Beef Curry Rice with Pork Cutlet. Shreds of beef are laced through the curry sauce (don't worry, the curry is only mild), served with a generous piece of pork cutlet. The pickles on the side go surprisingly well with the rice and curry. It boggles me that the curry always seems to be 'overflowing' on the plate but once you dig in, you'll find that there's not too much curry left once you're done eating (it all gets gobbled up).

Fortunately, our wait for the table wasn't long this time round (sometimes the queue can put you off by the time you sit down for your meal). Meals generally come out quickly and to be expected (as it was a busy day), the waiters/waitresses were just as eager to clear the table as soon as we were done. It's completely understandable and generally when I come to Ryo's, I'm not expecting a long lunch anyway. Pfft to the guy waiting in line that started staring at my friend (who was the last to finish his bowl of noodles). Seriously, did you think that staring at someone would make them eat faster? And the fact that I stared at you to tell you to stop and you just keep staring? Some people are unbelievable!


Stephcookie said...

I used to live so close to Ryo's but I never went because everytime I went past there was always a huge line! I love Japanese curry though :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

the curry looks divine.. I still never been to Ryo's yet.. is it near train station or the counter?

Joey said...

Hey there. What a coincidence! I went to ryo's two days after you went! Coz I was craving for yummy ramen and wanted to have it before weather gets too hot to eat soupy stuff.
I wished I'd tried the curry tho after reading your entry. I actually found my ramen packed with MSG. I wonder if the curry was the same?

Trisha said...

Mmmmmm beef curry... sadly it's getting really warm (ridiculous as it's only September!) so I'm not usually craving for curries but I love Japanese food so much I'd have it any day!

panda said...

steph - the line can be a little off-putting at times, esp. when i'm hungry. but anyway, now that i've had ryo's curry, i'm curry converted :P

beansprout - it's next to north sydney boys. not that near the station so best to drive there. closest station would be north sydney but then it's a bit of a walk/bus ride.

joey - lol. i know what you mean about the whether getting too hot. once it gets hot, I pretty much avoid anything with hot soup in it. do try the curry next time you're there - as far as i know, it didn't have msg. usually i'm quite sensitive to msg and get quite thirsty.

trisha - i know you mean...i've already started to avoid the soupy meals and opting for salads and sushi. ah well, it's part of the yearly food cycle!