Thursday, 3 September 2009

grill'd @ brunswick st., fitzroy

If I were to recount one of my most epic evenings, this had to be one of them. What was meant to be a dinner with KT and J's cousin, ended up being journey through train stations, boarding a train that changed route on us as soon as we boarded, through suburbs and restaurants that wouldn't take us without a booking, KT buying a few books along the way and then finally dinner at about 9pm on a Saturday night. Dinner did taste good and thanks all for the company.

A snap along the way (it's actually the logo/sign) for Coffee HQ. It's rather cute!
One of many train stations we found ourselves at that night. We were all amused, J in particular.
At long last, my dinner at Grill'd! The Zen Hen - Grilled chicken breast, tangy satay sauce, coriander, shredded carrot, salad & herb mayo.
Lots and lots of Thick Hot Chips with Grill'd Herb Mix.
Given it was a late dinner, the burgers and chips were gobbled up quickly. We could only laugh at the adventures earlier that evening and the pigs on the wall at Grill'd probably put us in a sillier mood than we were already.

Anyway, had no idea that Grill'd was a franchise, would be keen to try the one in Sydney!


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

hehehe.....its the one we almost got to eat it in crownest...

Joey said...

Hi there! I'm the silent fan, a friend of justin. =)
now that I'm an open stalker, can I just say that I love your blog!! Ever since I came across it a month ago... I've been reading about your food adventures and drooling on my laptop. Tee hee hee.
I love to eat and cook but don't have the patience to blog abt it myself. =P
anyways.. I hope to meet you again one day.(we actually have met but a long time ago)

panda said...

beansprout - we still need to try the one in crows nest! when are you free?!

joey - thanks for following my blog and i'm glad you like it! justin did mention you the other day and said that you read my blog...thanks for leaving me a comment and saying hey! anyway, been really lazy lately so need to update my blog a bit more often. hope to you see again soon!