Sunday, 30 August 2009

hellenic republic @ lygon st., brunswick east, melbourne

People actually don't believe me when I tell them that I didn't watch much of Masterchef. ('But you like food?' they ask and look at me with questioning eyes. Really, I didn't watch much of it and actually, the only episode I watched in full was the Finale - and well, Team Poh for me - go the Pandan Cakes and Hainan Chicken Rice!)

The sight as we stepped out of our hotel.
The reason why I bring up Masterchef is that my trip to Melbourne included a visit to Masterchefs' George Calombaris' 'Hellenic Republic' on Lygon Street in Brunswick East. My friend KT had booked earlier that week ( whole weekend of eating had been carefully planned out!) and well the booking ended up being a good idea. The restaurant filled up quickly and walk ins were instantly turned away.

Bread to start off with.
J looks particularly excited in this pic. I can't help but notice how coordinated his shirt is with the furniture and the decor of the restaurant.
Me and the lovely KT. Thanks for organising lunch KT!
This was probably my first time sitting in a Greek restaurant and when it came to ordering, we ended up asking the waiter for advice. Some mighty good recommendations and all dishes were thoroughly enjoyed. Here's the pita bread, tzatziki and the lamb spit. All dishes were great for sharing and tasted superb!

Tiganites Patates - Hand cut potatoes cooked in olive oil and oregano.

Patzari - Beetroot roasted salad, cumin and yoghurt.

Slow roasted goat.

I absolutely loved every dish we ordered and really, by the time we split the bill amongst us, it didn't end up costing all that much and we were full to the brim! Unfortunately, didn't get to meet to George Calombaris himself but if I did, I probably would have complimented on his restaurant and the food (and secretly hoped that he wouldn't ask me if I'd watched Masterchef because I wouldn't know what to say!)

Anyway, the tram stop is just outside the restaurant so it's really quite easy to get to from the city. You've got to visit this one!


char said...

cool ! he's such a good chef. would love to visit press club next time i'm down there :)

panda said...

i've grown rather fond of him too now that i've eaten at his restaurant! there's just so many nice restaurants in melbourne - next time i think i'll need to go for at least a week :P