Wednesday, 12 August 2009

double chocolate chip cookies

This double choc chip cookie recipe from 'In the Kitchen' was probably one of the easiest cookie recipes I've used in awhile. There was no need to fridge the dough, the dough rolled into balls extremely easy without sticking to my hands and most importantly, they tasted great. I'm still a little confused at how I manage to make double the amount of cookies that the recipe said it'll make but it's one of those things which I'll never be able to explain - it happens all the time and I've narrowed it down to one of the following; either cookie recipes call for cookies that are the size of my face otherwise, I can work magic and double the volume of cookie dough. I like to think it's the latter.

The key to a chocolate cookie is choc chips! Mixed choc chips work well - my choice being white choc chips and dark choc chips.
Roll the dough neatly into balls.
Squash the balls down slighly with a fork.
I love how the fork leaves a nice imprint on the cookie once it comes out of the oven. I actually have a billion cookie cutters but I find a fork works quite nicely, especially if you're baking in a hurry.
Cookies everywhere!

Each tray of cookies took about 12 minutes to bake (which is why I love baking cookies! Instant gratification I tell you!) Anyway, they're best enjoyed when they come out of the oven and have had a few minutes to firm up on a cooling rack - this is when the chocolate chips are still half melting with the centres slightly soft. Key is not to overbake else you'll get one tough cookie - take cookies out once they've browned and are slightly firm to the touch. Once out of the oven, they continue cooking from their own heat.

This makes it Recipe #14 from 'In the Kitchen'. At the rate I'm going, it's probably going to take me years to cook everything in that cookbook but anyway, I'm loving every recipe that's coming out of it and it's noticeably getting a little dog-eared (unlike many of the other cookbooks on my shelf).


Trisha said...

Oooohh double choc chip cookies! I love dunking them in milk ala-Oreo cookies! Mmmmmmm

Stephcookie said...

Mmm so chocolatey! Freshly baked cookies are the best. It'll be a very impressive feat if you manage to bake every recipe in the entire book!

Anonymous said...

They look fab and good that you don't ahve to rest the dough. I always make more or less than the recipes specify-usually less, I always wonder if perhaps I'm making things too big hehe!

panda said...

trisha - i've never actually dunked cookies into milk, believe it or not. hmmm...must try! :D

steph - i love chocolate and the more chocolate in something the better! and lol, here's to hoping that i'll get through the book!

nqn - i seem to have a good hand with cookies (they all come out nice and circular and even) but seriously, i have no idea how i manage to create all that cookie dough! it's a mystery!