Saturday, 22 August 2009

bacco wine bar pasticceria @ chifley tower

Before I write about my trip to Melbourne last weekend, I have to show you some pretty pictures of the cakes at Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria @ Chifley Tower. You see, after much urging and reminding, J finally made the trip to Chifley Tower check the place out for me (i.e. buy me some cakes). It could've been a year since I first mentioned it to J and well, the week prior to him going there , all signs were pointing to Bacco Pasticceria - I was reading about it in Good Living, reading about it in blogs, a friend mentioned it in passing, I think J got the point.

J carried the box on the bus home.
Inside the box! Look at all the pretty colours! All cakes were surprisingly intact (I say this because J has a habit of swinging cake boxes around). The only cake that needed a little bit of prettying up was the chocolate mousse with the meringue sticks (I wasn't a big fan of the meringue sticks - my teeth were squirming a little at how sweet they were).
My favourite had to be the pink macaron (front) followed by the chestnut ricotta cheesecake (back). I daresay this macaron was better than any I've had in the past (including Zumbo's)

If only I worked down Chifley Tower end of the city and could visit this place everyday! Apparently they change their cake selection regularly (I love it when cake shops do that - If I were to even open up a cake shop, I would have a constantly changing menu of cakes; how exciting is it to find a new piece of cake to try!) Anyway, I guess I'll just have to rely on J and push him to come here a bit more.


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

hahahahahahhahahaha.....JENNY ! I am about to tell you one thing and that is........

Now I am working at Bacco ! lol

I just start working there this Monday but tomorrow chef said he will talk me more about hours and something like that.. The kitchen is very small but chefs there.. Amazing.. there are 3 chefs and they all are so cool, very good ! only 2 days I have learn a lot.. But I never seen the pink macaron you had yet.. saw only normal one (and I made 1 today..yeh !)

You should try thier brownie.. so rich, I love it ! Ok, too excited, will update you more, okey? :D

panda said...

OMG! do tell me when you find out what your hours are like. i want to know and hear the inside goss about all the cakes!! you are so lucky!

i'm sending j there tomorrow to buy me a brownie and more macarons :P

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Today's brownie is not as good as yesterday..haha.. (different chef made it).. not sure which one you got...actually they both are good but I like yesterday cuz its melt in your mouth and more fudgy.. Today chef had no time to talk..haha but I think I can work there everyday (weekday).. so happy !

panda said...

when justin went, they'd sold out of brownies. he ended up buying 4 different kinds of macarons, a cannoli and a cake that tasted like lemon mousse? they were all very yummy!!! i'll get him to go back there next week for the brownie and hopefully it'll be good. congrats ja on the job!!!