Monday, 10 August 2009

bar pistevo @ young st., neutral bay

Now that J is on a break from studying, he's back to apartment hunting and this time we checked out an apartment in Neutral Bay. It was probably one of the better apartments that we'd seen, central to shops, the pub just next door (but separated by the carpark), close to buses; it was really quite a nice 1 bedder until we found out about the concrete cancer which seems to be turning most people away. Anyway, the apartment hunting continues...

In the meantime, our trip to Neutral Bay took us Bar Pistevo for a bite to eat. Anyone that's been to Neutral Bay will know that you'll be spoilt for choice. There are so many Japanese restaurants and places worth eating at that it took us awhile to settle for Bar Pistevo which was tucked away on Young Street. Actually, it was the 'Campos Coffee' sign that caught J's attention (lol...J is not a big fan of a coffee but he does know what a good coffee is) and well, it's great when J feels like coffee, it means that I won't get a lecture on drinking too much coffee :P

Our respective Cappuccino and and Flat White. The coffee certainly did not disappoint.
I had a craving for the Salami sandwich.
Whilst J went for the poached chicken with spinach and avocado.
The sandwiches are quite toasted and end up being more crunchy than sandwich-like. They don't look all that big but we were full after gobbling them up.
There's a handful of breakfast items on their menu but the menu on the whole is quite a limited one. I still had a tough time deciding what to eat so it was probably a good thing that I had less to choose from - I think J was getting a little agitated with me standing there trying to decide what to eat. The man behind the counter just smiled.

The place seems quite popular with the locals. Whilst we sat inside, there was quite a crowd that came by getting their takeaway coffees. If only there was a cafe that sold Campos coffee near by, I'd definitely be there every day!


Betty said...

I love toasted sandwiches :) But perhaps they're not to everyone's liking! Sometimes a limited menu is better because when there's too many items, it just becomes to hard!

panda said...

betty - i agree with you completely; a cafe that has a dozen or so signature dishes is better than one with too many. it helps people like me who are indecisive :D