Tuesday, 25 August 2009

amici bakery cafe @ chapel st., prahran, melbourne

I love cafes and the ones in Melbourne seem to be spot on - great food, great atmosphere, friendly waitstaff, each cafe being uniquely it's own. I'd love to have a cafe one day but in the meantime, I'm happy just to visit all those lovely ones there and Amici Bakery Cafe on Chapel St. in Prahran was definitely one of those.

More Melbourne street art.

Busily shopping away, J reminded me about lunch. I wasn't hungry until the display at Amici caught my eye. J could only just roll his eyes and comment 'So now you're hungry?' There were too many people at the counter to grab a decent pic but to paint you a picture, it was a most attractive display of cakes, artisan breads, pastries and bakes, sandwiches, baguettes in all shapes, colours and sizes.

J goes for the beef baguette.
While I take the Chicken & Avocado Baguette.
J's Beef baguette was quite juicy whilst mine was disappointedly dry (some sauce perhaps?) We sat here for quite awhile to rest out legs but after the baguettes were too full to eat dessert. Can't say I wasn't tempted though and hovered around the counter (when it was less busy) to check all the desserts they had - petit fours!!!

Anyway, more eating adventures to follow...


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

post faster, cant wait ! hahaha

char said...

aww cute photo of the street art :)

hehe love food in melbourne,love degraves espresso (post below) for the same reasons too!

can't wait to read more about your trip.

panda said...

beansprout - lol...it scares me when i look back and see how much food i ate :P

char - i love the melbourne street art! certainly something you don't find in sydney. and yep, more posts to follow!