Saturday, 26 September 2009

roma on watts deli cafe @ watts rd., denistone east

After weeks and weeks of driving past and pointing out to J that there's a gelato shop on this road ('Can you see the pictures of ice cream on their sign' and 'Maybe we should stop by and get some ice cream one day?), we finally did a stop by for lunch and actually came back the same day for dessert. How could we not?!

So, 'Roma on Watts' is a gelateria cross deli cafe. As you're driving down the road, it's quite clear that this place sells gelato but once you're inside the doors, you'll see that they're well stocked with deli goods (olives, cheeses, tomato pastes, dried pastas, etc.), the coffee machine is running and you can come in for a big breakfast or light meal. One would think Watts Rd. to be a strange choice of location for a Deli Cafe, the cafe is neighbours with a pharmacy (there might be another shop in between them) but the steady stream of customers coming in through the doors would speak otherwise. We spent a lazy Saturday sitting outside and I've got to admit, I quite like this place.

There's marked car spots just outside and plenty of parking down Watts Rd.
J doesn't get my obsession with coffee but he seems to drink it when I drink it.
Toasted Chicken Schnitzel Foccacia - I highly recommend this one!
Toasted Chicken, Lettuce & Avocado Foccacia.

We contemplated whether to have gelato also (it wasn't a hard decision) but given we were quite full, we ended up going to the shops first and ducking back. It's great that Roma on Watts is just en route to and from Mac Centre.

J looks pretty happy with his Chocolate gelato cone.

Expect some extremely friendly service (one of the ladies there saw me taking photos and asked whether I wanted a photo of J&I, I kindly declined but is that good service or what?!) There's quite a few staff for such a small cafe (from memory, there were about 5 ladies behind the counter) so do expect to be looked after when you walk through their doors.

Do visit and check this place out, and you might even see me sitting outside with my gelato!


Kathy L said...

Hi Panda!

I would like to know if you would mind me linking this blog to the Roma On Watts Deli Cafe Facebook Page?

It is such a lovely blog about the shop and I would love to share it with fans.

Wishing you the best on your endeavours,'

Kat from Roma

panda said...

Hi Kat,
Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment! You're more than welcome to link this blog to your facebook page. Speaking of which, I must pop by for a visit soon :)