Monday, 19 October 2009

azuma patisserie @ george st., regents place

It hasn't been more than 2 weeks but I've found myself at Azuma Patisserie twice already. For a place that serves none other than cake (plus it's not exactly on the way), I have to say I'm addicted. J's accompanied me both times and whilst he complained about the shop being too hot on the first visit, he's obliging and let's me choose my cake. Here's what we had on our first visit:
This was the one that caught my eye - Orange Chiboust. From what I could taste, it's a frangipane tart topped with creme patisserie, orange slices with a orange mousse/creme brulee sitting on top. The flavours are subtle in the true tradition of Japanese desserts.
Pear & Caramel Mousse Cake. There was a slightly bitter taste to this one which I couldn't work out if it was from the ripeness of the pears or if it was alcohol in the cake.
Mugi cha.
The cakes are no doubt baked fresh on the premises; as we sat in the shop, we watched biscuits and cakes come out of the oven, and the fridge cabinet being replenished with more cakes as they were made ready. A small queue formed out the door as we ate and yes, admittedly it was slightly warm sitting inside the shop (the ovens and stoves all in action) but outdoor seating is available which will be handy for the next time that I'm there.

So glad I found this place!


missklicious said...

I'm addicted to this place as well. I wanted to go last weekend, but there was a line almost out the door!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I went to this place last month but only for taking away.. The opera cake is the best I had so far.. strong coffee and a bit bitter (which I like) and not too sweet.. I would love to sit in and try more cakes soon.. they all look lovely, don't they? :D

panda said...

missklicious - of the girls behind the counter is actually really slow to take orders. fortunately i was at the head of the queue and the queue was what was forming behind me.

beansprout - i haven't seen the opera cake but will keep an eye out for it. ooh...we should go for a catch up!