Tuesday, 6 October 2009

banana muffins

As is the usual case when mum is away, the fruit and vegies at home seem to take on a rather poorly appearance. Unfortunately, a lot of it then gets thrown out (trust me, rotten fruit and vegies neither look or smell too good). I try to keep it for as long as possible, usually thinking that I can use it for something or other (that's the handy thing about baking - you'll need that squirt of lemon or citrus rind even when the orange itself is way past its eat by date). My dad isn't a baker and he has a habit of throwing things out as he sees them. Anyway, managed to salvage these two brown specked bananas before they made their way to the bin.

Two squishy brown specked bananas - when they're looking like this, they're great for baking (they give the baked product so much more flavour and smells delicious when it's in the oven).
A recent purchase: 'Baking One Step At A Time'. It's a gorgeous book, lovely photography and recipes are extremely easy to follow.
The recipe for banana muffins was great; it asked for exactly two bananas and two bananas I had! Recipe makes 6.
Mum always used to warn me saying that anything with banana was hard to bake because it wouldn't rise. Well this recipe rises perfectly.
As I thought it would be, the banana muffin was moist and full of flavour. It wasn't too sweet either and made for a lovely afternoon tea on a Sunday. Unfortunately, the boys in the house haven't taken to the muffins so I've been the only one eating them. I reckon if I stuck a few choc chips in it, it might get my brother's attention as he seems to gobble up anything with chocolate. Anyway, there's a recipe for macarons in the book which I'm keen to try. It's been awhile since my last battle with them so wish me luck!


chocolatesuze said...

mmm i love banana muffins altho i tend to always put cream cheese icing on them hehe

Betty said...

oh these look nice and choc chips would be a good idea (and also cream cheese as suze suggested)

im going on a banana diet so i have a feeling i will have some bananas left over.. will bookmark this recipe for when the time comes! :)

char said...

the first thing rookie ever baked for me was banana bread, because he knew i've got a soft spot for all things baked with banana !

on an aside, we have so many bananas just sitting there in the office kitchen. i'm tempted to take some home to bake with; there are indeed some very ripe ones :p

panda said...

chocolatesuze - mmm....i love cream cheese and should've thought of it considering i have about a kilo of cream cheese in the fridge!

betty - next time i'll try with choc chips because on top of my kilo of cream cheese, i've got about a gazillion choc chip bags. i keep buying them when they're on special at the supermarket! and lol...you're on a banana diet!

char - to be honest, i'm not a big fan of eating bananas by themselves but i love it when they're in breads and cakes. they're so much more flavoursome! and lol, you should take the ripe bananas and bake with them - you can just bring it in to work to share :P otherwise i always feel a little silly buying bananas and just letting them sit there to ripen so i can bake them.