Sunday, 25 October 2009

homer's cafe for lunch

Finally a bit of downtime to catch up on some posts. Annoying thing is that I'm trying to type on an EEE PC designed for someone with much smaller fingers and well, it keeps doing funny things on me. The text seems to move by itself or not appear at all, but then appear much later when I'm in the middle of another sentence. Ah well, I can't complain, I'm leaching off someone's internet at the moment and fingers crossed they don't find out!

So trawling through some of the photos from the last month or two, here were some pics taken at Homer's cafe in Eastwood. I've previously blogged about how they're open late for dessert but I probably didn't mention that they're also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. J&I came here for lunch one weekend and I was quite surprised to find this on the menu:

Green tea latte. The first time I had a was probably in Japan and I'd come home eagerly seeking it out. I found a patisserie in Hunter Connection that had it and well, for awhile Starbucks and Gloria Jeans both had their Green Tea Frappuccinos (they've been sadly missed!) but other than that, no place close seemed to serve it up. Well now I know Homer's does and it's a pretty good one!
There's quite a selection of lunch items on offer. From sandwiches, toasts, to pastas, burgers and steaks. J got the lunch special Burger which I was a bit skeptical of (as I am with anything so named 'lunch special'. It's probably got to do with the fact that I've worked in the food industry and specials don't usually imply anything that spectacular). Anyway, I was proved wrong, J's burger ended up being juicier and tastier than the foccacia I ordered. Thumbs up to the chips here, they know how to cook a good chip!

I'm quite keen to try breakfast and dinner at Homer's. So far, lunch and late night dessert have not disappointed and really, I'm quite attracted to their booth seats inside. Most importantly, they do serve up a green tea latte which is my favourite!

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