Wednesday, 7 October 2009

soba noodles & gyoza

I've been a bit of a hopeless blogger and there aren't even any excuses this time. Mum's back home, work's not that busy, I've just been pure lazy and let the blog posts dwindle. I'm not even all that sure where my time goes and for awhile, I stopped making my daily visits to my favourite blog sites. I guess you'd call that a blogging holiday. Did catch up on some reading though (for those after a feel good fiction read about bread, try Judi Hendrick's 'Bread Alone' and 'The Baker's Apprentice' - I got through those rather quickly), watched Julie/Julia (loved it!) and well, of course, continued eating and chomping away at food in front of me.

Here was one of my makeshift dinners whilst mum was away. Start with a pack of soba noodles (cook as per the instructions on the pack), top with soba sauce, seaweed and toasted sesame seeds.
For a more filling meal, have the noodles with gyoza. I love my gyoza with vinegar dipping sauce.
And to make it a little more fancy, serve with a soft boiled egg! Kudos to Char's blog - you gave me the inspiration.

All up it took me about 20 minutes to get a meal on the table which I thought was pretty good. It probably took me less time to eat it but it was a nice and simple meal which didn't cause too much of a mess. (As much as I was looking forward to trying some more recipes whilst mum was away, it turned out that there just wasn't any time. There was always things to do and the other half of the time, I just wanted to sleep).

Well, no excuses now. I'm back to blogging and hopefully some more adventurous recipes to follow.


Betty said...

Welcome back! I've been on a little bit of a blog hiatus of late, mostly because things have been pretty hectic.. ahh. Anyway, I love the addition of the gyoza, looks like the kind of thing that I would make for myself :)

char said...

looks like the eggs turned out well yum !

Betty said...

oh yummmmyyyy come to mine & cook me dinner ;)

panda said...

betty - i'm such a bad blogger. it's been a month since you left me a comment and i'm just replying now. so sorry! gyoza is amongst my top 5 fave foods, i can eat them and eat them!

char - yep they did thanks to your tips!

betty -, or i could invite you over for dinner sometime :D