Wednesday, 6 October 2010

growing tomatoes - week 2

It's actually been more than 3 weeks now since I started growing my tomato plant and I can boastfully say, it's alive, kicking and looking great! Here are photos from Week 2; hopefully you can see, the stems of the plant have grown much thicker and they actually appear slightly furry. I'll get to posting Week 3 photos soon but even with me watering the plant every day, I'm quite surprised at how quickly the plant has grown!

Mum has suggested I water the plant with 'Aquasol' which is a fertiliser which helps plants to grow stronger (or in the words of my mum 'bigger' - you'll get bigger tomatoes out of it she says. I read the back of the box and it recommends usage every 2 weeks so will probably stick to that dosage - simply mix a tablespoon of Aquasol to a few litres of water). 

I'm getting quite excited about my tomato plant and have been pouring over recipes with tomatoes in them - I think with my first tomatoes I'll make a Caprese salad (a combo of tomato, basil, mozarelle, olive oil, cracked salt and pepper - a rather simple recipe but always beautifully presented).

And to add to my collection of plants, mum came across this and thought she'd get it for me. I've since moved the seedlings into a much larger pot - hopefully these will grow strongly too!

I thought I was quite crazy about my tomato plant but it seems like the whole family has caught the gardening/growing vegies bug. Mum starts off with getting the cucumber plant, then dad comes home one day on the weekend with a gardening set, which was then followed by a set of pots (which have all come in rather handy). I've also made some extra purchases which I'll share with you in my next 'growing tomatoes' post but yes, the whole family has gotten quite into it!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Nice to see the family getting in to the spirit of things. Bet they're looking forward to the produce as well!

And a caprese salad is one of my simple favourites. A perfect summer meal =)

Von said...

How exciting!! I've never successfully grown anything edible =( I first tried to grow radishes, as part of a school science assignment- it grew pretty big, but when we dug it up, there weren't any radishes in the ground =S And then I tried growing lettuce from a packet of seeds and went through about half the packet before I realised it wasn't going to work =( They grew a bit but only to a bery little size before they died =( I'm hoping to start trying again some time later =)

Your tomatoes look like they're growing really well! How long does it take for the tomatoes to start coming out??