Friday, 8 October 2010

yummy world @ ethel st, eastwood

It's actually my second time coming to Yummy World in Eastwood and as per my first visit, I find this little Korean restaurant extremely welcoming and comfy that I think I must be attached by some invisible threads which keep pulling me back! The first time I came with a close girlfriend and between us we shared two dishes which left us rather full, this time I brought the boy along and we managed to get through 3 dishes  quite comfortably - so it's not me, the boy does eat a lot!

Spicy rice cake with fish cake, vegies and a hard boiled egg. If you were to takeaway all the extras and leave me with the rice cake and chilli sauce, I could easily just eat and eat, and eat!

The last time I went to a Korean restaurant, I ordered all spicy dishes unknowingly and nearly did the same this time but ended up changing one of the dishes around so that there were only two. But hey, have a look at their selection of side dishes, all chilli except for the one!

Beef Bone Soup which is mildly spicy. Slightly disappointing in that there's not a lot of meat in this dish, only very small slivers of meat on the bone.

I think both our eyes bulged when this plate of homemade fried dumplings arrived at the table. One word - colossal! We managed to finish them, I personally quite liked them but yes, they were a bit big and even the boy thought so.

The restaurant probably sits just under 30 people (which I imagine would be quite a tight squeeze) but it draws in a rather pleasant crowd of families, young and old couples. You can actually see quite a bit of what goes on in the kitchen but I think the highlight for me is the friendly service (and the owner lady who just smiles at me as she sees me whipping out my camera to take a photo of the food, no questions asked). Compared to some of the other small Korean restaurants I've tried, Yummy World has quite an extensive menu; it'll probably take me a good number of trips here before I manage to get through it all. Current tally - 5 items off the menu!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Those dumplings are the size of samosas!

panda said...

mademoiselle delicieuse -definitely! actually, i think they may have been even bigger than samosas!