Monday, 18 October 2010

open turkey & mushroom omelette

Amongst my many cooking endeavours (and I'd like to think I've had a fair few), I've also been encouraging the boy to cook. He was reluctant at first and continues to be reluctant but overtime I've managed to weasle out of him a very decent chocolate cake and on a recent weekend, an open turkey & mushroom omelette which was both aesthetically pleasing as it was to eat. I think he still prefers that I cook but a break from the kitchen and getting fed is always something to look forward to!

The boy hard at work concentrating on his chopping. For this omelette, we went through the fridge to see what there was and managed to find ourselves a handful of shitake mushrooms, a brown onion, a bunch of shallot, and some sliced turkey. From my soon to be vegie plot, we grabbed handful of coriander and 6 red chillis. One of the best things about omelettes is that you can improvise and make do with all sorts of ingredients you might have at home - it's actually one of those good recipes to cook when you are in need of clearing out the fridge!

In a small bowl, lightly mix together 4 eggs.

Grate about 150g cheddar cheese.

Start by sweating the chopped onion in a little bit of olive oil. Remove from the pan.

Start by cooking the egg on a low heat (pour all the egg into the pan in one go). Place all chopped ingredients on top of the egg and cook for about 2-3 minutes.

When the egg is about completely set, sprinkle over the top the grated cheddar cheese and heat through till the cheese melts. Most omelettes usually get folded in half before the eggs have completely set; I prefer to have my open omelettes and see what goes in it!

Serve your omelette with buttered toast! 

Eat with a knife and fork, otherwise if you are like J, you can cut up the omelette into slices and eat it like a pizza.

Kudos to the boy for the huge effort and let me just say, this omelette more than adequately feeds two (particularly if you are going to eat it with toast). Admittedly the sliced turkey had a very mild flavour but  a good dose of cracked salt and pepper will easily do the trick!


Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

Good work getting the boy to make this! The omelette is always my go-to meal at any time of the day!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Haha, definitely equally as hard to get my husband to cook. I often joke that I should've waited for him to prove he could cook me a meal before agreeing to marry him!