Sunday, 10 October 2010

pyrmont growers' market - october 2010

To kickstart the Crave Sydney International Food Festival (which I much prefer to call Good Food Month because it's much less wordy and what it used to be called), I thought I'd head to the Pyrmont Growers' Market to check it out (it's one of those places which I've been meaning to get to for a long time but never got round to). For those interested, the markets actually happen every first Saturday of the month, 7am - 11am across from Star City but being the SIFF this month, the markets were extended till 12 noon. We were there shortly after 7am as the advice from most people we talked to was to get there early otherwise you'll be stuck in queues all day - I'm glad we listened to the advice!

Arriving at the markets nice and early, both the boy and I were in much need for a coffee. We lined up for our flat whites at the Mayan Coffee store. The coffees were $3 each (for a small size), it's a bit of wait as only the one small coffee machine was working but the coffees are gorgeously rich and smooth, it's worth the wait. And as part of the SIFF, you were given a voucher for any purchases over $3 for you to go collect your free copy of the SMH. 

I'm generally not a morning person so getting to the markets that early in the morning was bound to lead to something stupid - like me yelling out to the boy that there was a sheep across the boardwalk. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't a real sheep!

In the search for breakfast, we ended up deciding on a egg and bacon roll in what was probably the longest queue at the markets. I opted for the egg and bacon roll whilst the boy had the Mexican roll (as the steak and egg roll was unavailable). Both rolls hit the spot!

This is me with my squinty eyes on a Saturday morning sipping a Blood Orange juice purchased from the store next door to the Egg & Bacon rolls.

We left the markets shortly before 10am (just in time as it was starting to sprinkle a little). After a good perusing of the markets, I came home with a packet of macaroons from Sweetness The Patisserie (9pk for $10) and had a chat with the lovely chef Gena.

Purchased a pot of coriander and a pot of basil leaves (2 for $6) to add to my 'vegie plot'.

2 jars of Lynwood 'Nagami Gumquat' jam (one for me, one for the boy) and of course, we picked up our free copy of the SMH which comes in a rather adorable recycle shopping bag.

It was a really refreshing way to start the weekend as after going to the markets, I came back to head to the gym (when most weekends, I probably would've just slept in and woken up and slowly dawdled over to the gym). I actually did another silly thing that morning which I won't go into detail but I blame from the lack of sleep. Maybe in time I will become a morning person but for the moment, I'm not. Hoping to come back to the Pyrmont Markets next month as there were a number of things I wanted to get and try so maybe I will see you there if you end up going to!


missklicious said...

Ooh, I've always wanted to visit these markets, but they are so early! I love my sleep ins on the weekend.

I call it good food month too, the SIFF is too much effort to say.

Maria @ Scandi Foodie said...

I didn't make it to the markets although I was supposed to! Sounds great, just so out of the way for me!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I've always wanted to go to this during Good Food Month (yes, I still refer to it as that too!) but, like you, not being a morning person has held me back =p

I got rather excited when I saw your photo of the sheep too!

mashi said...

Gosh you're good, waking up so early but I guess the coffee and the breakfast rolls were worth it.

The macarons from Sweetness look great and it's so cheap as well.

Anna said...

hi there, hope you don't mind that i included your post in the crave sydney food festival week one round-up of food blogging activities