Saturday, 30 July 2011

abhi's indian restaurant @ concord rd., north strathfield

I've only been to a handful of Indian restaurants in my lifetime but I've been told that Abhi's Indian Restaurant is definitely one to try. And after being on my list of places to try for a good while now, the boy and I made our way over there on a Friday night in the dual interest of checking it out and simply grabbing a bite to eat. We made a booking just an hour out of us getting there and the restaurant was able to accommodate (there's two levels of seating space but if you're planning to come here, best that you make a booking as the restaurant fills up very quickly). 

Overall impressions as I walked in - very modern and very organised. We were acknowledged as we stepped foot inside the restaurant and was briskly whisked upstairs to our table. Service was prompt, menus were in hand straight away and being quite a late dinner at the time, we quickly ordered our food.

Masala Dosa (somewhat like a samosa) - Light and crisp rice flour pancake accompanied by lentil sambar' and onion & tomato chutney with a filling of spiced potato and onion 

 Patiala Goat Curry - Punjabi style slow cooked goat with milled chilies, tomato, mace and garam masala, finished off with fresh coriander

Chicken Varutha A spicy South Indian chicken in a sauce of tomatoes, tamarind, black pepper, fried cinnamon and star anis 

Served with Plain Rice.

A side of Garlic Naan.

The goat curry was our favourite that day. When our waiter asked us how our meal went, and we mentioned that the goat curry was absolutely delicious, he kindly went to explain to us how the goat is prepared and cooked. To be honest, I don't remember everything he said at the time but then again, how easy is it just to pop in again and order it again - leave it in the very capable hands of the chef!

I'd have to say that Abhi's Indian is very unlike other Indian restaurant I've been to - whilst the menu features most of your Indian cuisine staples, there's actually a whole suite of other dishes which I just haven't heard of and would be keen to try. Their selection of sweets looked enticing but the boy and I were belly up with food by the time we finished all our dishes. Good thing the table next to us ordered their share of desserts so I could take a sneak peak at what they were - they looked good!


char said...

really like this place, rookie organised a surprise bday with my family there a few years ago! good thing with the larger group is that you can make it to dessert ;)

joey@FoodiePop said...

Looks fab and I really enjoy Indian food, esp when it's more than just rogan joshes and butter chickens.