Sunday, 24 July 2011

cafeism @ wilson st., newtown

It actually doesn't make a whole lot of sense that Newtown is so close to my work yet I never make my way over there. Add to that I can actually walk there (it's about 15 minutes) and well, obviously the walk is too much of an effort. So I find it rather ironic that I actually spend one of my days off work trekking to Newtown (in the car) to pick up $200 worth of macarons - the macarons were very much worth it you see and really, the conclusion is that you should never ask me why I do the things that I do!

The macarons will be a story for another day. En route to the macarons was a pit stop for lunch at Cafeism on Wilson Street (actually just round the corner of the place we were picking up the macarons). Being a school day, it was reasonably easy to get a table (although I imagine it to be very different on the weekend with all the residential apartments nearby) and all in all, a rather relaxing choice for lunch (or even if you are just after a spot of coffee).

The 'ISM' Burger served on turkish bread.

Salmon scrambled eggs with sourdough toast and fresh avocado.

We were perched up on the seats by the front window so caught a glimpse of what it would be like to live around the area - a fair few people riding their bikes or walking their dogs or simply popping in for some takeaway coffee. It's actually a huge difference to King Street which runs parallel to Wilson Street further up (definitely quieter and not as much traffic here). 

If only I had more days off during the week to sit down and enjoy a cafe lunch, read magazines (of which there are plenty on offer at Cafeism) and not have to think about work! Would definitely like to spend a bit more time discovering Newtown; not only are they hope to some yummy macarons but there's some awesome secondhand bookshops which did keep me busy for the rest of that afternoon.

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mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I really like cafe ism! And absolutely agree that due to it being tucked behind King Street, it is so many worlds removed from hustle bustle and hip people of Newtown.