Monday, 25 July 2011

good food & wine show 2011

The one event which I do my utmost best to get to each year is the Good Food & Wine Show. I love anything to do with food, I love celebrity chefs, I love food freebies and the showbags of food that I'm more than likely will walk out with. I hear people say how it's the same every year and to a degree yes you'll have most of the same exhibitors at the show but in the end it's what you spend your time looking at. If it's the same as last year, I just move on and focus on something new - makes sense doesn't it?

New to this year's show was The Restaurant sponsored by Oxford Landing. The two lovely ladies from Masterchef - Poh & Marion were the featured chefs (no males in sight this year - well I suppose they were busy in the Celebrity Theatre). I love both these girls heaps so ended up trying a dish of each. Here's Poh's Dong Do Pork with Fried Rice. The skin of the Pork was quite chewy so I didn't end up eating it but the pork absolutely melts in your mouth!

Marion's Eight Hour Lamb Roast. 

I discovered this year that the boy had no idea what Sippah straws were so I made sure he tried one - we were taste testing the Cookies & Cream flavoured straws which were really quite nice.

And who could miss the pallets of goods which formed the Costco display! It was actually the pallet of Kitchenaid mixers which caught my attention but here's me with the pallet of supersized mayonnaise jars.

This year I got tickets to see Matt Moran who always delivers an entertaining and informative show. The boy will think otherwise but I left the show with just a small handful of bags to end the day - a resubscription to Delicious magazine, a selection of Dilmah teas, some cheap goodies from Chalet, a selection of jams and a cooler bag of dessert goodies from the brand Gu.

In amongst all the food tastings, I entered competitions for cars, dinners and kitchen renovations - unfortunately I get a whole lot spam each year and never actually win anything but all in good fun. There's some stupid photos of me posing in photos which have made their way to facebook and well, that's it for this year! As usual, will eagerly await next year's show!

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