Tuesday, 15 January 2013

euro taste @ top ryde shopping centre

I've just about tried all the restaurants at Top Ryde Shopping Centre and one that my friends and I keep returning to is Euro Taste; only a small cafe on the top floor but packs a punch in terms of food quality and value.

Take for example this extremely juicy Portugese Chicken Wrap. Yes it may get a little messy with all the juices seeping out as you eat but it beats dry chicken in a dry wrap which leaves you hiccuping for most of your meal (and yes, that does happen to me a lot).

The boys seems to come here for the steaks which are rather good value when you're paying less than $15 for your meal. 

One jolly customer!

The staff are really quite lovely. Food is always served promptly though there may be a wait if you try to get takeaway as one of my friends experienced but always better to dine in if you have the time. Aiming to get through the last of the restaurants which I haven't tried at the shopping centre this year so will let you all know if this place still ends up being the best value!

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Joanna said...

Looks awesome Jenny! Must try this place out sometime :)