Monday, 14 January 2013

the rustic pie co. @ top ryde shopping centre

Happy New Year peeps! Hope everyone had a good break. Myself - well I've been eating it up in Hong Kong and Japan for a good 3 weeks and ever so slowly, easing myself back into a more healthy routine. I went for a run the other day and told the boy that my abs were hurting and he just laughed at me; fair enough, there is probably more excess weight than there is ab but still!

So in the usual state of things, plenty of posts to catch up on but I thought I'd start the year with a post on a place I discovered on the weekend in my neck of the woods. I'll start by saying that the owner's passion for his new shop is infectious and the food they're serving up certainly speaks for itself.

Introducing The Rustic Pie Co.; opened up just before Christmas last year at Top Ryde Shopping Centre.

The storefront is the first thing to catch your attention - neatly presented and well, it's just my kind of thing. At the moment, there's a temporary menu up on the wall as you enter which I've been told by the owner, Anthony is shortly to be replaced by a chalkboard in conjunction with a much more extensive menu in the next few months as they find their feet. My lunchtime selection of a Osso Buco Beef & Mushroom pie served with rustic chips and coleslaw.

The boy's Special selection of Osso Buco Beef with red wine, with a side of rustic chips and sweet potato mash. Presentation is stellar and the pies are scrumptious. With the 2 sides, it makes for a more than decent meal.

With our table so close to the menu, I couldn't help but peruse their selection of 'Sweetie Pies'. After some deliberation (the homemade apple pie being the one in contention), I chose the Cherry Pie served with a side of ice cream. And look how lovely the owner was, he gave us some freebie mini chocolate milkshakes (which he assured us was the best accompaniment to their sweetie pies).

There's plenty more pie and side selections on the menu to keep you coming back. Both the savoury and sweet tooth are catered for and well, I'm eager to see what these guys have in store over the next few months as the business takes off.


chocolatesuze said...

Happy new year! mmm love the sounds of the dessert pies and the mini shakes are cute, will definitely have to check it out soon!

panda said...

by the time you go, they should have their new chalkboard menu up! the owner was quite excited telling us about it when we went. try the apple pie for me - i want to know if its any good!

Joanna said...

This is making me hungry! hehehe...

Have you tried the Pie Tin @ Newtown? :D