Friday, 18 January 2013

tim ho wan @ sham shui po, hong kong

Since coming back from holidays, I've been asked numerous times by numerous people where I went and what I did. Most holidays overseas are usually filled with activities and sightseeing and when you happen to be Hong Kong, eating is actually an activity which you do about 5 times a day. So yes, I did a lot of eating on my holiday.

One of the most noteworthy mentions this trip was my visit to Tim Ho Wan. I've probably joined the Tim Ho Wan bandwagon a little late but to sum it up, BBQ Pork Pineapple Bun - order it!

The original Tim Ho Wan is actually in Mong Kok but to beat the crowds, a friend recommended us to head over to the Sham Shui Po store where the wait is considerably shorter. It helps that the store is a lot bigger and you aren't dealing with the crowds that linger around Mong Kok.

Yum cha staples - Har Gow and Black Bean Chilli Chicken Feet.

Steamed Prawn Rice Rolls.

Steamed Stuffed Eggplant.

Another yum cha must - Siu Mai.

Here's the BBQ Pork Pineapple Bun which you really have to order. A perfect balance of bun to filling; you can make it a meal just eating these. I believe this is also the bun that won them their Michelin star.

Each serve you order comes with 3 buns.

Here's how much it costed us for all the things we ordered - works out to be about $20 AUD for 2 people; you can't complain about that for Michelin star dining.

Hot Taro Sago Soup - taro and sago are two of my favourite ingredients and I think just work perfectly together.

After the BBQ Pork Buns, I'd recommend you try this one which is their Steamed Egg white dessert with Birds Nest. The steamed egg is ever so smooth.

Here's where the shop is. Suggest you actually get off at Shek Kip Mei station rather than Sham Shui Po as it works out being closer by foot from the station.

Never thought I'd actually try a Michelin star restaurant and one that I can actually afford! Did I mention already that you must order the BBQ pork bun? There's actually a lot of items on their menu which warrant a second and even third visit and had I stayed in Hong Kong for a bit longer, I definitely would've gone back. There's a few out there who are a little skeptical of their Michelin accolade but given they're making their dim sums fresh everyday and keeping prices quite reasonable and their pork buns are so tasty; I think they're doing a pretty good job!


missklicious said...

I have yet to try this! The bun sounds amazing!

panda said...

i hope you end up trying the bun! if you don't order anything else, just make sure you get the bun and you can say you've been here :)

Sophie @ TeaThymes said...

Oooh a snazzy Michelin star place. Looking at the dim sum makes me wish I had a Chinese restaurant serving yum cha nearby. MMm!