Monday, 28 January 2013

house of canton @ festival walk, kowloon tong, hong kong

After a day's shopping at Festival Walk in Hong Kong, we managed to rest our feet and refuel for dinner at the House of Canton. Thankfully it was a restaurant we didn't need to wait or book for and ended up being quite a luxurious affair and well, I can't help but feel a little grown up when friends and I dine out at a Chinese restaurant and order dishes which our parents would usually order.

House of Canton offer daily specials and the special this particular day was their Peking Duck. Paper thin pancakes topped with crispy Peking Duck.

I'm not sure how three of us thought we could eat an entire duck but somehow we managed.

The highlight of the meal was the barbeque pork - the perfect combination of 50% fatty pork and 50% lean pork; something you really only get in Hong Kong. The ones in Sydney tend to be quite lean and use the red colouring for effect.

A particular favourite of mine is the crab with egg white, served with black vinegar.

My friend E thinks that it's not worth it ordering white rice so we ordered the restaurant's recommended special fried rice which had scallops and fish roe.

And to balance out the meal, a nice, big plate of vegies.

Dining at a Chinese restaurant is a little more expensive than most food you can get in Hong Kong but once in a while, it does make for the perfect meal. The bonus of dining at a shopping centre attached to a MTR station is that you can finish dinner and make a quick getaway home - although I think we all waddled off from this particular one; maybe one less dish could've adequately fed the three of us.