Sunday, 10 March 2013

armory wharf cafe @ jamieson st., newington

This is my second visit to Armory Wharf Cafe; first time was with my bestie for a much needed catch up and second time, with the hubby after yet another week of house-hunting and making those important decisions in life. Armory Wharf Cafe is one of those places to rest and recoup and they serve up some top nosh too!

There's seating both inside and out. We called 30 minutes prior to make a booking and suggest you do so too because turning up expecting a table will probably have you sent away for a good half hour to forty minutes before a table might be ready.

One of the highlights on the menu are these jugs of sodas - here we have the Blood Orange & Cardamon (about 4 glasses of soda in one jug); refreshing and not all that sweet.

A steak sandwich for the boy.

 And the prawn baguette for myself.

A little overcast whilst we were eating but very grateful that the skies held up till we finished.

There's a huge park with some awesome play equipment just by the cafe (one of those places which I wished I had kids so I could actually play on the equipment myself without being called weird). Plenty of parking also and bike hire for those keen for an afternoon activity; though the boy and I started contemplating whether we might actually be able to ride all the way from home here (though sinking into a meal here overlooking the view might just make it a bit harder to get all the way back!)

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Missy Piggy said...

I really REALLY want to go here for weekend brunch...I love the spot right on the river...and the cafe looks great too (I've stalked it a few times, just never gone in to eat there).